Four Color #238


Story 1: "Slippery Shine"

Donald has trouble traversing some freshly waxed floors.

Story 2: "Voodoo Hoodoo"

A zombie gives Donald a poisoned doll that was intended for Uncle Scrooge, who looked like Donald when the doll was given to the Zombie some seventy years before. Donald--followed by the nephews and "Bombie the Zombie"--goes to Africa to persuade the witch doctor Foola Zoola to give him the antidote for the poison, which is supposed to shrink its victims to the size of a rat.

Story 3: "Fractious Fun"

Donald suffers when Daisy loses her temper at sports.

Story 4: "King-Size Cone"

Donald restricts the nephews to one ice cream cone each at a picnic.


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