Four Color #275


Story 1: "April Fool Photo"

The nephews play an April Fool joke on Donald while pretending to take his picture.

Story 2: "Donald Duck in Ancient Persia"

The ducks are kidnapped by a mysterious scientist and flown to Persia, where they dig into an ancient city, Itsa Faka. The inhabitants of the city have been dehydrated while still living and the scientist restores the royal entourage to life by pouring its dust into a special mixture. Donald is mistaken for the prince who jilted King Nevvawaza's daughter and a marriage ceremony is ordered by the king.

Story 3: "Jet-Job Joes"

The nephews want to enter their racer in a race, but Donald doesn't want them to go very fast.

Story 4: "Rules 'n' Regulations"

Tired of the nephews messing up the house, Donald makes a set of rules that they have to follow. To escape the regulations, the nephews build a houseboat.

Story 5: "Donald and Traffic Safety"

Donald scolds the nephews for not practicing proper safety habits when crossing the street.

Story 6: "Daisy's Umbrella Hat"

Donald makes fun of Daisy's new umbrella hat--until it rains.


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