Four Color #291


Story 1: "Beach Trouble"

Donald wants to take a nap at the beach, but the nephews keep bothering him.

Story 2: "The Magic Hourglass"

Scrooge gives his nephews an hourglass that he later discovers is the source of his great wealth. Carrying a billion dollars to buy the hourglass back, he follows the ducks to Africa, where they have gone to fill the hourglass with fresh sand from the oasis of No Issa -- the only kind of sand that will keep perfect time in the hourglass and so make its owner richer by the hour.

Story 3: "The Spirit of '76"

The nephews decide to put on a play about the American Revolution. Donald takes charge and decides that the family should live like their forefathers in order to get the feel for their parts.

Story 4: "Fishing Pelican"

A pelican ruins Donald's fishing.

Story 5: "Late for School"

The nephews make an excuse for being late to school.


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