Jungle Comics #136


Story 1: "The Death Kraals of Kongola"

Kaänga and Ann assist the Jaluos in defending themselves from the war-like Khargas.

Colonel Withers leads Terry's camel corps into the desert to capture the raider, Sharane. Terry suggests that Withers ask for the help of the Desert Panther, but Withers declines. When the corps is captured, Terry escapes and assumes his guise as the Panther and leads the Panther's men to Withers's rescue and also manages to capture Sharane.

Wambi steals the idol of the Tuareks in order to force them to share the jungles food resources.

Trader Craig elects to punish the Buhutus after they decline to trade with him on Tabu's advice. He disguises himself as a ghost of a defeated Buhutu foe in order to frighten them into leaving their kraal. Tabu exposes the trick.

Treasure thieves Curtis and Hanley steal the Ugandas sacred gold. The Ugandas believe that the Bagamoyos are guilty of the theft. Camilla captures the true thieves and averts a war.


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