Superboy #165


Story 2: "The Super-Dog from Krypton!"

A super-powerful dog arrives in Smallville in a rocket complete with written records proving that he is baby Kal-El's puppy who Jor-El used as a test animal when developing his space rockets. Though happy to be reunited with his dog, Superboy needs to make sure that Krypto does not give away his secret identity several times before Krypto leaves for a romp in space.

Story 3: "Superboy's Last Day"

Story 4: "The Girl Who Saw the Future Superboy!"

Story 5: "The Phantom Superboy"

After Professor Lang finds a box of Kryptonian weapons, Superboy is accidentally projected into the Phantom Zone, the place where Kryptonian criminals were exiled. But using mental telepathy he activates an electric typewriter and tells Pa Kent how to free him.

Story 6: "The Death of Ma and Pa Kent"

Story 7: "Superboy's Time Trips"

Story 8: "The Origin of the Superboy Revenge Squad"

Story 9: "The Phantom Zone Criminals"


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