Walt Disney's Uncle Scrooge # 12


Story 1: "Watt an Occasion"

Scrooge celebrates his 75th birthday with a 75-watt bulb on the cake.

Story 2: "The Golden Fleecing"

Scrooge, who wants a coat woven of gold, is shown some of the legendary "golden fleece" by Arab-like traders who prove to be Harpies in disguise. The Harpies take Scrooge and Donald to Colchis, where Scrooge is to judge their cooking ability. The nephews come to the rescue; but Scrooge is swallowed by the Sleepless Dragon.

Story 3: "Doughnut Dare"

Scrooge gets free coffee at the diner by soaking it up with a "doughnut" cut from a sponge.

Story 4: "A Sweat Deal"

Uncle Scrooge, dying of thirst, passes up Joe's Oasis restaurant in the desert in favour of lower prices at another restaurant, a mile away.


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