What If...? # 9 Vol. 2

Lot includes #7, 9, 21, 54, and 64.

  • Grade: CGC 9.6
  • Page Quality: White
  • Serial #: 3923796011


Story 1: "What If the New X-Men Had Died On Their Very First Mission?"

When both the old and new X-Men teams die on the island of Krakoa, Beast calls in Moira MacTaggert to try and pull Professor X out of his funk. Xavier refuses to have anything further to do with mentoring a heroic team, even after Count Nefaria and the Ani-Men take over Valhalla Base and hold the world ransom. Beast uses Cerebro to put together a new gang of mutants and, with the defeat of Nefaria, Xavier comes around and decides to continue with the X-Men.

Story 2: "What If Black Bolt Talked in His Sleep?!"

Story 3: "What If the Thing's Body Kept Mutating?"


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