The Human Torch #5( #4)

Classic Schomburg WWII Nazi Cover

  • Grade: CGC 5.0
  • Page Quality: Cream / Off-White
  • Serial #: 4179487001

Story 2: "The March of Death Part 1]"

Doctor Smart plans a million dollar robbery and is so confident of success, he sends the police a note informing them. The Torch, Toro and the Police are waiting for him but he is ready for everything they try and races away with the money in a hearse. He is eventually forced off a bridge and into the river where he escapes. Not giving up on getting the money, he sends a diver down to recover it. The Torch and Toro start to chase the boat but run into a trap and get caught in the blast from a floating mine.

Story 4: "The March of Death, Part 2"

Recovering from the mine blast, the Torch and Toro continue the pursuit of Doctor Smart and the stolen million dollars. Smart continues to elude using various gimmicks.

Story 7: "Blitzkrieg of the Living Dead!"

A group of Nazombies attack the Caribbean Islands and the Sub-Mariner and Angel fight them off.

Story 8: "Death Dirge of the Veiled Violinist"

A man discovers a note that causes bones to disintegrate and he is sent to America by the Nazi to sabotage everything.


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