About Bedo's Collectibles

"In essence, Bedo's Collectibles is the intersection of many aspects in my life: decades of acquired knowledge in comics and collectible toys, an extensive career in software engineering, and well...being an 80's kid. Ultimately, these are the pillars on which my business and customer service are based."

~ Peter Dishchekenian, Founder 

Bedo's Collectibles, a Gold Coast Digital Services company, is a technology-focused collectibles business operating out of Southern California. Bedo's Collectibles founded in 2005 by a life long avid collector of comic books, comic art, collectible toys, and pulp magazines. So you can be sure that we are as passionate as you when it comes to comic and toy collecting!

Having run our business predominantly on eBay since 2005, we felt it was about time we expanded into our very own online store! We have kicked it off with a strong foundation and are continuously releasing features that we hope will improve your shopping experience. We absolutely welcome your feedback.

We will continue to run our monthly auction lots from our store on the eBay platform.

So what can you expect from us?

At Bedo's Collectibles, keeping it simply is our aim!

Search Made Quick & Easy

Many online collectibles stores out there (even the major ones you know) do not make it easy for you to quickly hunt down what you are looking for. Endless items in the navigation or sidebar menu, a search function that requires you to fill out a bunch of text fields, and limited user tools or none at all.

Not us. We have only one text field with Google-like search. Whether you're looking for Amazing Spider-Man #300, issues by Jack Kirby, or Wolverine appearances, it makes no difference - you use one search box for all. You get relevant results fast!

We will also be providing you with tools to help you build that perfect collection: save your searches and run them whenever you want, plus receive notification as soon as an item comes along that matches your saved search. These features are coming soon. 

Mobile Friendly

Bedo's works and looks great on any device. Why download a smart phone app and be forced to update anytime a new feature is available or worse, when a patch update is needed? Whether you are on your iPhone, Android phone, or your laptop browser, you will experience a fully functional Bedos.com!

Monthly Auctions

We will continue to run our monthly 7-day auctions on eBay. Typically, auctions start at the beginning of each month. However, we highly recommend registering with us to receive latest announcements including auction dates.

Quick and Secure Check Out

Our checkout process is simple. Registering with us is highly recommended but not required in order to shop with us. However, when you do register, you will have access to your order history and shipment tracking.

Look, we all know that in the cyber world, there is no such thing as safest or completely secure anything. However, what we can guarantee you is that we are PCI compliant - the store's payment process is secured using and kept up with industry best practices. Further, we absolutely do not store your credit card information and customer information is kept confidential (with exception to non-private data shared with third-party services in order to improve customer experience ).

No Credit Card Processing Fee

Unlike many collectible shops out there, we do NOT pass the payment processing charge (typically 3%) on to our customers. Why should the customer take responsibility for our operational costs?

Fast Delivery

Once your order is in and payment made, we take great care in shipping out your order within 1-2 business days. And whether great or small, all orders are given the highest level of attention.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Whether it is regarding accuracy of item description, turnaround time on delivery, or answering all your questions before a purchase, we aim to meet and hopefully exceed our customer's expectations. If you are dissatisfied with a transaction, please let us know why and we will do our best to make things right. We appreciate your business and hope that you consider us often for your collectibles needs.