Comic Book / Toy Grading

Where applicable, we put a lot of care into grading each and every comic book and vintage toy for sale. We've got plenty of experience in the hobby to be able to fairly estimate grade. We heavily rely on the Overstreet Comic Book Grading Guide.

Please be aware that, in the end, our grading method may not match that of a professional grading company like CGCCBCS, and AFA. Therefore, if you were to submit a non-graded comic purchased from Bedo's to a third-party grading service, we will not guarantee that you will receive the same grade as that which we have assigned.

Also, if you strongly feel that the item you purchased is overgraded by a significant amount (1.5+ points), please  contact us with your concerns so we can resolve. Though we will stand by our assessment of each item, we aim to provide the highest level of customer service and do our best to ensure your satisfaction. We will at the very least hear you out and discuss.

Comic Books

The table below is our grading scale for comic books and magazines:

Condition Short Hand Notation
Gem Mint Gem Mint 10.0
Mint MT 9.9
Near Mint / Mint NM/MT 9.8
Near Mint + NM+ 9.6
Near Mint NM 9.4
Near Mint - NM- 9.2
Very Fine / Near Mint VF/NM 9.0
Very Fine + VF+ 8.5
Very Fine VF 8.0
Very Fine - VF- 7.5
Fine / Very Fine FN/VF 7.0
Fine + FN+ 6.5
Fine Fine 6.0
Fine - FN- 5.5
Very Good / Fine VG/FN 5.0
Very Good + VG+ 4.5
Very Good VG 4.0
Very Good - VG- 3.5
Good / Very Good GD/VG 3.0
Good + GD+ 2.5
Good GD 2.0
Good - GD- 1.8
Fair / Good FR/GD 1.5
Fair FR 1.0
Poor PR 0.5
Not Graded NG N/A
Toys & Playsets

As with a majority of sites that sell vintage toys and playsets, we use the C-scale system for grading. It is the universally accepted standard for grading toys.

Table below is our scale for toys and playsets:

Condition Notation
Mint C10
Near Mint C8-9
Fine C6-7
Good C4-5
Poor C2-3
Very Poor C1