Wonder Woman # 1

1st Appearance of Wonder Woman

  • Grade: CGC 5.5
  • Page Quality: Off-White / White
  • Serial #: 4088123002

Story 1: "Introducing Miss Alice Marble as Associate Editor of Wonder Woman!"

Story 3: "The Origin of Wonder Woman"

Upon her arrival in man's world, Wonder Woman drops an Amazon scroll that details the origin and early days of the Amazons, while later sources outline her birth, her youth, and her battle in the arena for the right to be Wonder Woman.

Story 6: "Wonder Woman Goes to the Circus!"

Wonder Woman brings children to King's Colossal Circus, performs in the big ring, and with the help of Etta and Steve, investigates a rash of elephant deaths by poisoning which threaten to close the circus.

Story 7: "Florence Nightingale "Angel of Crimea""

The story of Florence Nightingale (1820-1910) who sacrificed personal happiness to nurse soldiers on the Crimean War front and throughout her life.

Story 8: "Wonder Woman versus the Prison Spy Ring"

Suspecting Paula von Gunther of leaking military secrets, Diana and Steve visit her in prison, where Paula is aided in her subterfuge when the magic lasso accidentally falls into her hands.

Adeline's father buys a hotel. When the hotel's tenants complain that the water tastes like oil, he hires an oil expert to see if there is oil on the property.

Story 13: "The Greatest Feat of Daring in Human History!"

When Etta's brother is attacked by spies, Wonder Woman and Etta trail them from Texas to Mexico City, where Wonder Woman fights a bullfight and stops a secret Japanese invasion of Mexico.

Story 16: "Little Oscar's First Air Raid by Lydia Mead"

Book review of book by Lydia Mead with drawings by Oscar Fabres.


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