Silver Age of Comics (1956-1969)


The Comic Code Authority (CCA), Space Race, and revitalized superheroes typified the comic book industry well into the 1960s. Shortly after, a couple guys by the name of Stan and Jack would change the comic book industry forever.

The crusade against the corrupting influence of comics gave rise to the CCA in 1954, an organization by which the industry would save itself via self-censorship. Mature themes, depiction of violence and gore or suggestions thereof were replaced by stories intended as entertainment for children and that followed moral codes. This is the era that gave us the campy Batman TV series where the caped crusader is portrayed in a tongue-in-cheek fashion and put in famously absurd situations.

While DC found success in revitalizing its flagship superheroes like Flash (Showcase #4) and Green Lantern (Showcase #22), around the corner at Marvel, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby were creating a fresh new universe where superheroes bickered, were unable to cope with their powers and misunderstood by the public - just right for an angsty teen audience. And it all began with Fantastic Four #1 in 1961. Following that, we were given Spidey, Hulk, X-Men, Thor, Iron ManDr. Strange, the Wasp, and so many other rich characters beloved until this day.  Read more... 

Many accept the end of the Silver Age as when the price increased to 15 cents or when Kirby left Marvel and turned to DC in 1970. By that time, the stories had matured, taking on more relevant, real-world issues - a trend that would continue throughout the 1970s.

Action Comics #369 GD/VG (3.0)
Action Comics #371 VG (4.0)
Action Comics #376 VG- (3.5)
Adventure Comics #362   VG (4.0)
Adventure Comics #364   FN (6.0)
Archie #150 VG (4.0)
Coverless Comics: Daredevil # 39
Coverless Comics: Detective Comics #357
Coverless Comics: Magnus, Robot Fighter # 21
Coverless Comics: Mystery in Space # 56
Coverless Comics: Secret Hearts # 83
Coverless Comics: Strange Tales #161
Coverless Comics: Tales to Astonish # 94
Coverless Comics: X-Men # 35
Fantastic Four # 49  CGC 6.0
Journey Into Mystery #112 GD (2.0)
Journey Into Mystery #125 FN/VF (7.0)
Mission Impossible #  1 VG- (3.5)
Star Spangled War Stories #144   FN/VF (7.0)
Star Trek #  3  VG- (3.5)
Strange Adventures #207   VG- (3.5)
Superboy #152 VG- (3.5)
Superman #210 VG (4.0)