Action Comics Weekly #609


Story 1: "Bitter Fruit, Part 1"

Problems for an acquaintance of Dinah Lance involve crop dusting and immigration. Dinah burns the Black Canary costume with the large black collar. She no longer has the Canary Cry at this point in her life.

Story 2: "Chapter Nine: Faux Pas"

Deadman and Yakin battle in the bodies of President Reagan, Mikhail Gorbachev, and their wives.

Story 3: "Canned in Boston"

Vic Sommers ends his previous life when he fights with his ex-wife's husband, Rafael di Rienzi is kidnapped by Mockingbird, and the Secret Six begins its 2nd assignment.

Story 4: "And There Will Be a Sign!"

Clark Kent questions Bob Galt for information on his attackers.

Story 5: "Moral Stand, Chapter Nine: Red Pencil"

Wild Dog captures B. Lyle Layman and thwarts his final terrorist act.

Story 8: "Cutting Remarks"

Hal Jordan tries to explain his fearlessness on Oprah while the first victim of a mind ray goes on a killing rampage.


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