All-Star Squadron # 1

Story 2: "The World on Fire!"

The only three Justice Society of America members who have not gone missing -- Hawkman, Atom, and Dr. Mid-Nite -- join up with Plastic Man, Robotman, Liberty Belle, and Johnny Quick in Washington, D.C. where they meet with President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who christens them the All-Star Squadron. Their first mission: find the missing JSAers and stop the rumored attack on San Francisco on December 7, 1941 before it's too late. Meanwhile, the missing JSAers, along with Shining Knight and Danette Reilly, have been captured by Per Degaton and though aware of his plans are helpless to stop him.

Story 10: "An Open Letter to the Readers of All-Star Squadron #1"

Roy explains his vision for this series, how it came to be, and some things the reader will see in future issues.


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