Archie Comics # 24


Story 1: "Nylon Nightmare"

Veronica's birthday, a nylon sale, and the town blabbermouth Gabby all add up to a troublesome day for Archie.

Story 3: "Pencil, Pencil, Who's Got the Pencil?"

When Archie borrows his father's nickel-plated pencil, it is passed on throughout the school while Mr. Andrews frantically looks for it.

Story 6: "Shut Your Trap"

A wave of burglaries around Riverdale wreaks havoc on the Andrews family.

Story 8: "Hope I'm not late for the water polo game, Miss Sinkstone."

When Betty and Veronica knock Mr. Weatherbee's bread into the pool, they are forced to bake him a new loaf.

Story 9: "Hollywood Tattle Tale"

Features short articles on Lauren Bacall, Robert Alda, Viveca Lindfors, Patti Brady, Jack Martin, William Powell, Mickey Rooney, Sheila Egan, John Hodiak, Gregory La Cava, and Margaret O'Brien.

Story 10: "Hubba! Hubba! Do you carrot all for me?"

Story 11: "Quit Crabbing"

Archie and Jughead attempt to make money by crabbing.


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