Batman # 11

  • Grade: CGC 3.5
  • Page Quality: White
  • Serial #: 2050272002

Story 2: "Jerry and the Pony Express"

Story 3: "The Joker's Advertising Campaign"

The Joker escapes from prison and places ads each day in the newspaper to advertize to Batman and Robin his latest criminal pursuit.

Story 6: "Payment in Full"

Batman discovers that the D.A. faces one of the most difficult decisions of his life: to prosecute and send to the chair a criminal who once saved his life.

Story 11: "Bandits in Toyland!"

Bruce Wayne is called to immediate jury duty and discovers that the defendant has been framed. Unable to convince other panel member's of the man's innocence, Batman must now gain the evidence to prove it.

Story 16: "Four Birds of a Feather!"

The Penguin joins in a financial enterprise with some "old friends" of his to open a night club called The Bird House in Florida...with gambling as the real racket.


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