Batman # 2

2nd appearance of the Joker and Catwoman.

  • Grade: CGC 5.0
  • Page Quality: Off-White / White
  • Serial #: 1399197008

Story 2: "The Joker Meets the Cat-Woman"

Learning the Joker is hospitalized with wounds, the members of the Crime Syndicate make plans to rescue him to lead their mob again. But the Joker has planned a double-cross and the appearance of the Cat-Woman complicates matters.

Story 4: "Wolf, the Crime Master"

By an unfortunate accident, Adam Lamb becomes a psychological Jekyll and Hyde at midnight each evening, only to revert to his mild-mannered self during the day.

Story 8: "The Case of the Clubfoot Murders"

The contents of a strange will leave each of the heirs with strange tokens with inscriptions on them, not realizing that, if they are all united, the tokens will reveal the location of a gold mine.

Story 12: "The Case of the Missing Link"

Professor Drake brings back from Africa a "missing link" whom he intends to civilize, for the benefit of all civilization. But he learns, as do the Caped Crusaders, that sometimes men act more like beasts than someone like Goliath!


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