Batman # 3

1st appearance of Catwoman in costume. Classic cover.

  • Grade: CGC 1.5
  • Page Quality: Off-White / White
  • Serial #: 4019127001

Story 2: "The Strange Case of the Diabolical Puppet Master"

The Caped Crusaders must stop the likes of the Puppet Master, who has set his sights on stealing the Voss Rifle, the Army's newly developed secret gun. But to do it, Batman must overcome the effects of having come under the hypnotic influence of his foe.

Story 7: "The Ugliest Man in the World"

Batman confronts the ugliest man in the world...a man shunned by "normal" people he meets everyday, but now a man who decides to inflict upon those people some of the ugliness he has had to endure.

Story 9: "The Crime School for Boys!!"

Batman has to deal with the threat of a crime school upon the lives of young boys...a school designed how to teach those boys the ways of a criminal.

Story 15: "The Batman vs. the Cat-Woman!"

The Cat returns to plague members of the Diamond Syndicate in order to achieve a beautiful "diamond prize!"


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