Batman # 47

1st detailed origin of Batman

  • Grade: CGC 4.5
  • Page Quality: Cream to Off-White
  • Serial #: 3962037001

Story 2: "Fashions in Crime!"

Catwoman escapes from prison and starts a high fashion magazine, where she features luxury items like minks and jewelry that she then steals for herself.

Story 5: "The Chain Gang Crimes!"

Batman goes undercover as a prisoner to catch a gang of criminals operating out of a prison and to expose the crooked warden.

Story 12: "The Origin of the Batman!"

While investigating criminal activity at a transport company, Batman recognizes the owner, Joe Chill, as the man who killed Thomas and Martha Wayne years before. Batman tries to find evidence of Chill's illegal operations, but when he fails, he decides to reveal his identity to Chill and tells him that will be watching him and will catch him eventually. In a panic, Chill flees to his gang, but when they find out Chill is responsible for Batman's existence they shoot him, and only after do they realize that they should have asked Chill for Batman's real name.


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