Captain America Comics # 5

  • Grade: CGC 5.0
  • Page Quality: Off-White / White
  • Serial #: 3813461001

Story 2: "The Ringmaster of Death"

Steve and Bucky decide to visit the circus for some fun, but its Cap and Bucky that face the Ringmaster's Wheel of Death and its purpose: to allow the villain to place America into a steel vise of terror, using vicious mobsters as his personal Gestapo!

Story 3: "The Gruesome Secret of the Dragon of Death"

Captain America and Bucky investigate the disappearance of the patrol Boat "Winfield" with its crew, and discover a sinister villain responsible that has his HQ inside a monstrous sea serpent.

Story 5: "Killers of the Bund"

When a Nazi Bund beats up a man of German descent (because he won't join up), Captain America and Bucky attack the Bund camp and Cap is captured. Bucky races back to the city and enlists the aid of the Sentinels of Liberty to help rescue Cap and round up the rogues.

Story 8: "The Terror That Was Devil's Island"

Steve and Bucky visit a POW at Devil's Island, but are alarmed at his physical condition and obvious fear of the prison's commandant. So, Captain America and Bucky decide to get to the bottom of the situation as only they can.

Story 10: "Meet "Headline" Hunter -- Foreign Correspondent"

Hunter is called to the American Embassy in London to investigate the theft of the Ambassador's briefcase which contained the food contract between America and England. If it isn't recovered within 24 hours,the Nazis will learn the locations of Allied convoys and sink them.

Story 11: "Weird Stories from the Dark Ages"

Tuk makes haste to save his friend Tanir from the evil clutches of Bonzo.

Story 12: "The Miser and the Counterfeit Millions"

Hurricane sees a connection between a retired financier giving millions away to charity and the fact that the Master of Speed is getting counterfeit bills from every bank he seeks to get change from.


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