Captain America Comics # 8 Vol. 2

  • Grade: CGC 1.0
  • Page Quality: Brittle
  • Serial #: 3813460001

Story 2: "The Strange Mystery of the Ruby of the Nile and Its Heritage of Horror"

Cap and Bucky have to overcome a curse and an evil Pharaoh associated with the famed Ruby of the Nile before it can kill others.

Story 3: "Murder Stalks the Maneuvers"

Steve and Bucky are out on a war games training exercise and are shocked to see that someone has tampered with the ammunition and the troops are using the real thing against each other.

Story 4: "The Strange Riddle of the Plague of Death"

Headline discovers a plot to poison the English people by a Nazi gang who are growing food on a farm they own, knowing that the food is deadly.

Story 6: "Case of the Black Witch"

After saving a young girl being attacked in a weird castle, Captain America and Bucky learn that she must spend three nights in Hagmoor Castle in order to inherit the estate from her late uncle. And they volunteer to make sure she makes it through those nights safely in spite of threats by an evil witch.

Story 7: "Carnival of Crime"

Speedy decides to take in the State Fair that's come to town to make sure it's run on the up and up, and Hurricane decides to follow him, to make sure he's safe if it isn't.

Story 10: "Vault of Doom"

Father Time steps in when criminals begin to over-run the metropolis of New York and murder and violence substitute for law and order.


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