Daredevil Annual # 7

Story 1: "Daredevil Origin"

Story 2: "The Von Strucker Gambit Prologue"

Strucker sends three assassins after a trio of super-powered experiments that have escaped from Hydra.

Story 3: "The Von Strucker Gambit Part 1: Crippling Death"

Daredevil tries to keep Strucker's assassin, a masochistic madman known as Crippler, from killing a mysterious tiger woman who has the power to raise zombies from the dead. Crippler breaks his Hydra control and takes off.

Story 4: "The Dark Lady"

Kingpin tries to blackmail Urich using one of his lost loves.

Story 5: "Malicious Justice...Or Injustice?"

Crippler brings his twisted brand of justice to the criminals of New York City.

Story 6: "Guns Don't Kill..."

Daredevil helps the kids in the Fatboys gang learn a hard lesson about the reality of guns.


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