Detective Comics # 27 EP (A-5)

1st Appearance of Batman

  • Grade: CGC 9.0
  • Page Quality: Cream / Off-White
  • Serial #: 1997132001
  • Restoration: Extensive Restoration (A-5). Restoration includes: color touch, pieces added, tear seals, cleaned, reinforced, staples cleaned.

Story 2: "The Case of the Chemical Syndicate"

In his first case, the Bat-Man investigates the murder of a chemical tycoon, discovering that one of his partners murdered him to steal the secret contracts that would leave him as the sole owner of the Apex Chemical Corporation.

A young boy scout discovers a lost youngster, attempts to help him find his way home, but gets lost in the process himself!

Story 5: "The Killers of Kurdistan"

Speed investigates the murder of two men, on one of whom the killers left the symbol of a red crescent. This is the symbol of the Kurdistan Killers, a sect that both men belonged to but refused to kill for.

Story 6: "Bullet Bluff"

Buck investigates the death of a ranch owner, in which a black empty cartridge is left behind as a clue to the killer.

Story 7: "The Mysterious Murders"

Bart investigates the deaths of members of a Committee on un-American activities that were killed by an explosive capsule hidden in their bananas.

Story 8: "Murder on the Oceanic Line Docks"

The Crimson Avenger tracks down a killer who murdered Abe Gold for welshing on a $100,000 bet.

Story 10: "The New Orleans Mardi Gras Murder, Part 1"

Bruce begins his investigation of the death of a young woman due to black magic.

Fu Manchu attempts to kill Greba Eltham, all in an attempt to keep Rev. Eltham from going back to China.

Flannigan is sent out on a bank robbery, but stops for a red light so he won't get a ticket!

Story 13: "Danzig Marks Anniversary"


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