D.P. 7 # 11



Dave spends several months in the woods with the Woodsman, who teaches Dave how to fight. Dave leaves to rescue the rest of the group from the Clinic. On the way, the C.I.A. agents catch up with him, but he is saved by a group of six paranormals with psychic powers who call themselves the ESPeople. When Dave leaves them, the group places a mental block in his mind preventing him from remembering who they are, and, in doing so, a side-effect that prevents psychic tampering of his mind. The agents soon track Dave down and capture him. At the Clinic, Stephanie begins waking from her dream-state when her powers counter the effects of the sedatives. Hackbarth decides to kill her with his power but Charne uses his power to put Stephanie into a coma and, as a result, accidentally puts Hackbarth into a coma as well.


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