D.P. 7 # 20


Story 2: "War Dogs"

Due to the damage the M.A.X. armor took during the earlier scuffle with the group, and no materials to fix it, Jenny seals the armor and leaves it at the Pitt. Mutator is captured by a group of scavengers called the War Dogs. Jenny, Lenore, Charly and Sponge venture out to rescue him, leaving Randy to care for Dave and Jeff. The group defeats the scavengers, but barely survive a subsequent encounter with the War Dogs' leader, the paranormal Pit Bull. Slowly making their way back, the group is again attacked by Pit Bull. Merriam panics and bolts causing Pit Bull to follow her, leaving the rest to hide with an unconscious Mutator. Merriam leads Pit Bull right back to Randy, but Dave, although badly injured by his experience in the Pitt, is able to defeat the crazed Pit Bull. After the battle, Randy, Dave, Jeff and Sponge find themselves surrounded by the military.


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