D.P. 7 # 21


Story 2: "Siege"

After Jenny, Lenore, Charlotte and Mutator are unable to find the others, Jenny parts ways with them to see if the others had been taken as prisoners to an army base. Now having become bird-like, Mutator carries Lenore and Charlotte to continue to search for the others, but they find more soldiers nearby. Wanting to help Lenore and Charlotte, Mutator decides to fly away and draw the soldiers' fire. He barely makes it into the air before the soldiers shoot him down and capture Lenore and Charlotte. As the DDTeens play outside on the Clinic grounds, they are photographed by a reporter. Scuzz realizes that the Clinic's days are numbered when word of the paranormals living there gets out and quickly has the group leave the facility. When the police arrive to investigate Indigo and Bazooka attack the police setting off a bloody fight between the paranormals and the police leaving many on both sides dead. While being treated in a military hospital, Dave, Randy and Jeff are approached by Jack Magniconte, now a member of the military, who informs them that he is forming a paranormal platoon. Later, the DDTeens arrive at Stephanie Harrington's house and ask to stay with them.

Story 3: "Choices"

Scott Templar tries to blackmail Jack Magniconte into joining the C.I.A. Magniconte quits Kickers, Inc. and enlists in the Army to avoid having to join the agency. Months later, Magniconte makes his debut as "the All-American" in a training session for a group of Army generals.


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