D.P. 7 # 23


Story 2: "Convergence!"

After Charly and Lenore are captured at the Pitt they are interrogated by the military for weeks. Instead of being forced to join the military, they volunteer for the CIA's paranormal recruitment program and begin intensive training with Merriam who has also joined. Wayne Tucker, Tyrone Jessup and Lindsey Falmon sneak into Ft. Benning and help Thomas Boyd escape from the facility. Stephanie's husband, Chuck, can't stand having the DDTeens under his roof and demands that they leave. Stephanie takes them to a bus station. At the station she is confronted by Dave and Major Zentner who wants to recruit her into the military's paranormal force. Dave turns on Zentner to give the Harringtons a chance to run away and he tells the DDTeens to look after them. Instead of going on the run, Scuzz decides to take the teens back to live in the soon-to-be-empty house. While Stephanie and Chuck begin to get their family on the road, Lenore shows up to offer Stephanie a proposition.


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