D.P. 7 # 25


Story 2: "Outing"

The DDTeens rob a supermarket for food. Pursued by the police, Scuzz accidentally crashes their getaway car. Randy operates on Dave and manages to have his life. The next day, "Shadowman", Randy's killer antibody, brings an injured Evan Huebner to him for treatment. Housed in the hospital’s basement, the Famileech breaks free from its containment. Shadowman teaches Randy how to enter its body, but takes on the Famileech on its own. Shadowman is destroyed, but Randy generates multiple antibodies and enters them simultaneously. By doing so, he is able to contain the Famileech once again.

Story 4: "Night of the Mask"

Nightmask is pulled to northern Wisconsin by the mind of Walter of the ESPeople. Walter faints in the process and the ESPeople assume Nightmask is an attacker. Because of the ESPeople use their powers to create illusions of their costumes, Keith assumes he is in a dream, but he finds that he can't control anything and is overpowered by the group. The ESPeople wipe his mind of the encounter and drop him off on a road some distance away.


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