D.P. 7 # 30


Story 2: "The Tree"

While Jenny helps Stephanie and her children bring a Christmas tree back to their apartment, they are attacked by muggers. They are able to defeat the muggers with the help of the paranormal “superhero”, Captain Manhattan, who was passing by. The next evening, the group are at Rockefeller Plaza when a paranormal gang, Para-Troop (Acid Queen, Aqualung, Helter Skelter, Purple Haze, Space Oddity, Wooly Bully, Wipeout, & Wild Thing) attempt to steal the Plaza's Christmas tree in order to attract Captain Manhattan's attention. Jenny (first as Chrome), Dave (as Mastodon) and Randy (as Antibody) aid Captain Manhattan in stopping the villains. Dave offers to drive Stephanie back home to Sheboygan.

Story 7: "The Official Timeline of the New Universe"


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