D.P. 7 # 31


Story 2: "Cult"

Dave drives Stephanie and her family back to Sheboygan. On the way back to New York, he meets up with Michael Crawley who tells him that he recently escaped a paranormal religious cult, the White Eventists, who are still holding Scuzz. Dave attempts to rescue Scuzz, but the group's leader tells Scuzz to go willingly back to New York with them. Back in New York Scuzz appears completely happy with his newfound faith. Dave allows Scuzz to join a local chapter of the White Eventists and Michael becomes furious that he has now become separated form his last friend. Dave offers him a place with the group, but Michael angrily storms off. Finally giving up on Stephanie, Dave gets together with Merriam.

Story 3: "Crackdown"

Jenny dons the costumed identity of Chrome and becomes Captain Manhattan's sidekick, aiding him in defeating a group of drug dealers. Although she enjoys the action, her main interest is in trying to get Captain Manhattan to treat her like a woman.


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