Epic Illustrated # 34

Final issue. Galactus Story

Story 1: "Overview"

Story 3: "The Beast"

Story 4: "Love Doesn't Last Forever"

Story 5: "Fortresses"

Story 6: "Sarvul"

Story 7: "Felina"

Story 8: "Barry Windsor-Smith: Works in Progress"

Story 10: "Out of Phase"

Story 11: "Wasting Time"

Story 12: "The Face of the Foe (Chapter Nine)"

Story 14: "Introduction"

Story 15: "They Just Fade Away"

Story 18: "The Adventures of Cholly N' Flytrap!"

Story 19: "Amber I"

Story 20: "Death of a Legend"

Story 21: "Slow Dancer"


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