Fables # 59


Story 2: "Did Hakim Ever Manage to Get a Regular Job?"

Story 3: "How Does Bufkin Keep Getting His Hands on the Liquor?"

Story 4: "What Is Training Like for a New Member of the Mouse Police?"

Story 5: "Did Jack Leave Anyone Messages Before He Left Fabletown Forever?"

Story 6: "How Are the New Three Little Pigs Adjusting to Being Pigs?"

Story 7: "Besides Fly, Who Else Has Asked Questions of the Magic Mirror?"

Story 8: "What Is Boy Blue's Favorite Song?"

Story 9: "What Song Was Playing When Snow and Bigby First Danced Together at the Remembrance Day Ball?"

Story 10: "What Is Frau Totenkinder Knitting?"

Story 11: "Who Was Prince Charming's First Love?"

Story 12: "How Many Romantic Conquests Has Prince Charming Had?"

Story 13: "Who Caught the Bouquet at Snow White's Wedding?"


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