Fantastic Four # 6

1st Marvel villain team-up. 2nd appearance of Doctor Doom and Silver Age Sub-Mariner

  • Grade: CGC 6.0
  • Page Quality: Off-White / White
  • Serial #: 2032833001

Story 2: "Captives of the Deadly Duo! Part 1"

Doctor Doom presents himself to Sub-Mariner and offers him an alliance against the Fantastic Four and all mankind.

Story 4: "Part 2 When Super-Menaces Unite"

Dr. Doom gives a "Grabber" to Sub-Mariner and Human Torch discovers that Invisible Girl hides a photo of the Sub-Mariner in a book.

Story 6: "Part 3 When Friends Fall Out!"

The Sub-Mariner plants the "Grabber" in the Baxter Building and it is lifted into space by Doctor Doom.

Story 9: "Part 4 Trapped!"

The Baxter Building is set on a collision course with the Sun and the Sub-Mariner discovers that Doctor Doom has betrayed him.

Story 14: "Part 5 The End... or the Beginning?"

Doctor Doom is flung out into space and the Baxter Building is returned to its foundation.


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