Four Star Spectacular # 1


Story 1: "The Stolen Identities!"

Two Xelthunians secretly replace Ma and Pa Kent to perform a secret mission, not knowing that the Kents are Superboy's foster parents. After Ma Kent unwisely mentions Superboy's vulnerability to kryptonite, the Xelthunians power the transporter ray they plan to use to send Superboy to their planet with red kryptonite and it turns him into a fat Boy of Steel, a bullet-sized Boy of Steel, and a giant Boy of Steel. Once Superboy discovers their secret mission -- moving their sub-atomic world -- and helps them accomplish it, everyone goes home happy.

Story 3: "The Talking Lion"

Wonder Woman takes Bobby to the zoo, where they meet Steve Trevor and his niece. The two kids discover that one of the lions can talk. This leads Wonder Woman and Steve to Cairo where the uncover Princess Yasmini and her group of spies.

Story 4: "Attack of the Crocodile-Men!"

When Shiera is teleported out of the museum, Hawkman traces the radiation to Egypt and the secret lair of the Criminal Alliance of the World. Hawkman manages to rescue Hawkgirl, but CAW escapes.

Story 5: "The City of Shifting Sand"

At the annual meeting of the Liar's Club, Jay Garrick relates a strange tale of the Flash and his battle against deadly sand...sand that hates human beings!


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