Green Lama # 6

"Hap Langlie" copy.

  • Grade: CGC 5.0
  • Page Quality: Off-White
  • Serial #: 1021963006

Story 1: "An American Story!"

The Lama goes on the trail of a man who writes a Fascist-inspired letter to the publishers of the Green Lama magazine. After he locates him, he gives the man a first-hand education at the front about his warped views.

Story 2: "The Carnival Cure!"

The boys are hired by a rather rich woman to take her spoiled brat of a son out with them and see to it that he engages in good, clean fun. They head for the circus, just in time to spot a robbery in progress.

Story 4: "The Trouble With Magic..."

Angus returns to Great Britain and meets up with a sleight-of-hand magician who wishes he could be a real magician. Angus grants that request for just 24 hours, but still no one truly believes it is real magic.

Story 5: "This Hero Business!"

Rick decides to risk the daring rescue of a young lady marooned on a plateau, having to land his plane on a field ten yards square!


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