Scooby Doo #1

  • Grade: CGC 4.5
  • Page Quality: Off-White
  • Serial #: 3762197003

Story 1: "What a Night for a Knight"

Coming home late from the movies, Shaggy and Scooby discover an abandoned truck with a mysterious crate. In it is a suit of armor, the Black Knight, which appears to come to life under a full moon.

Story 5: "Never Ape an Ape-Man"

Scooby and the gang are visiting the location set of the film The Ape-Man of Forbidden Mountain. Daphne's uncle, John Maxwell, is glad to have the gang as extras, as no other actors will work on the film. Apparently, there is a real Ape-Man scaring everyone off.

Story 6: "Gold Key Club Mini-Comics"


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