Heavy Metal Magazine # 9 Vol. 7


Story 1: "Strangers on the Brain"

Story 2: "Directory Assistance"

Story 3: "Magic Realism"

Story 4: "HM's Plaything of the Month"

Story 5: "Reggae Messiah"

Story 6: "Paradise Revisited"

Story 7: "Home Computer Games"

Story 8: "Cryptica"

Story 9: "Valentina the Pirate"

Story 10: "Meets the Toast of Europe"

Story 11: "Gaetano Liberatore: Around the World in Eighty Minutes"

Story 12: "Ranxerox"

Story 13: "The Rail"

Story 14: "Lolla"

Story 15: "When Terror Triumphs"

Story 18: "June 2050"

Story 19: "Larry Finearama Nitemare"

Story 20: "Symbiosis"

Story 21: "A Chance in a Million"

Story 22: "Rock Opera"

Story 23: "the bus"


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