Journey into Mystery #117

  • VG+4.5


Story 2: "Into the Blaze of Battle!"

Loki wins the Trial of the Gods through deceit and trickery. He broke the rules by using enchanted Norn Stones, which he now discards through a dimensional portal. Odin gives Thor 24 hours to prove Loki's dishonesty. On Earth, Balder has been battling the Enchantress and the Executioner who were tormenting Jane Foster. Thor arrives and the two villains flee. Thor flies to Vietnam in search of the Norn Stones. There he becomes involved in that country's war. He rescues a Vietnamese girl named Kim after her the rest of her family is killed as a result of their opposing ideologies.

Story 11: "The Sword In the Scabbard!"

The warriors of Asgard are bored and Loki has been able to stir up trouble among their ranks. Odin is furious and intervenes when Thor and Loki face each other in combat. Odin then shows them the state of the Odinsword. According to legend, the universe will perish if the sword is ever drawn from its scabbard. Now, an evil force has broken the scabbard. Odin sends his sons on a quest to find this unknown enemy and put an end to this evil scheme.


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