Journey into Mystery #119


Story 2: "The Day of the Destroyer!"

Loki, fearful of the power of the Destroyer, has saved Thor from certain death. As Thor continues to battle for his life, Loki sends a message to Karnilla, the Norn Queen, urging her to wake Odin from the Odinsleep. Odin wakes and realizes that Thor is in danger. Odin tries to assist Thor, but Thor insists that he should wage his own battle. Thor prevails but damages his hammer, the Temple of Darkness is destroyed and Odin is consumed with pride at his son's gallantry. Odin summons Loki and berates him. Loki is punished by being bound in servitude to Ularic, Odin's Royal Warlock.

Story 13: "Gather, Warriors!"

A mötley crew is assembled as Thor prepares to set sail. Odin fears that Ragnarök, the twilight of the gods, is upon them.


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