Jungle Comics #154


A series of forest fires brings Kaänga and his companions to investigate. They find the villainous white man, Benton, and his fakir, Kasmir, extorting riches from local chief, Torga. Kasmir has used magnifying glasses to spark fires and tells the Chief that they are black magic juju fires. Kaänga and Ann expose the trick and save the tribal treasures.

Trader Jim, N'Boli, and Tommy explore some jungle ruins. After fending off a leopard, Tommy finds a warrior's shield. N'Boli tells him of the importance of shields to a young warrior, and how finding one can bring good fortune.

Wambi senses that the local volcano is about to erupt, and he warns his animal friends to flee. Sirdah the Tiger is skeptical and resists. The rest of the animals comply, but run into a hunting party. Sirdah accuses Wambi of leading them into an ambush. Only the eruption of the volcano can restore the animals' trust in Wambi.

Story 6: "The Curse of Kintu!"

The god Kintu sends a warning vision to Chief Lobengola. When Arab slavers arrive, Lobengola leads them into a valley of killer elephants controlled by Kintu.

Beylo's golden juju statue has been stolen, and tribesman Kamo blames the Masai, yet has no proof. War will break out unless Tiger Girl can solve the mystery. Her investigation finds a white man guilty of the theft, and worse, setting the two tribes against each other.


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