Legion of Super-Heroes # 2


Story 1: "Part I: The War between Krypton and Earth!"

The Legionnaires travel to the past to find out the story behind an ancient artifact which refers to a war between Earth and Krypton. The half that goes to Earth's past finds space travellers colonizing ancient Atlantis; the other half accompanies a group of Kryptonians who leave anti-scientific Krypton for Earth.

Story 2: "Part II: The Civil War of the Legion"

While the Atlanteans and Kryptonians fight, Brainiac 5 discovers why Earth's air irritates the Atlanteans and helps them adapt to life under the sea. Later, back in the future, Superboy finds more artifacts that explain what happened to the Kryptonians.

Story 3: "The Legion of Super-Heroes Membership List -- (Part Two)"

Story 4: "The Toys That Stopped Space Crime"

Using seemingly harmless toys from a time capsule buried in 1972, Tommy Tomorrow and Brent Wood outwit a band of space pirates.


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