Marvel Comics Presents # 39


Story 1: "Black Shadow! White Shadow! Part 2: The Shadows Strike!"

Mai meets Wolvie and helps him elude the Hong Kong police. As she introduces him to her allies, Black Shadow materializes and Wolvie attacks, freezing his arm up to the elbow in the monster's grip.

Story 2: "Stardust Miseries Part 2: Tonight's the Night"

Under the influence of his new lady love, Wondy begins work on a new movie where the director is mysteriously killed. Thinking that Simon is responsible, the police and the Beast confront him on the set of Johnny Carson's Tonight Show.

Story 3: "All In the Family Part 1: Mother Day"

Hercules and his son make quick work of space pirates, little knowing that Arimathes' mother is hatching a plot to replace her son with Skyppi the Skrull in order to destroy Herc and take over her son's throne.

Story 4: "With Liberty and Justice for All"

Spidey busts some kids trying to free animals who are slated for experimental testing at ESU.


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