Marvel Graphic Novel: The Pitt


Story 2: "The Pitt"

Nelson Kohler, the Witness, is drawn to Pittsburgh, and arrives just in time to see Ken Connell's attempt to rid himself of the Star Brand by transferring it to a barbell. The resulting explosion destroys Pittsburgh, turning it, and the surrounding area, into a huge crater. Kohler watches as Connell's body is swept away in the explosion, but turns back to explore the damage done. Spitfire, in the Mark IV M.A.X. armor, is ordered in by the military to survey the destruction. Jenny is able to save the Robinson family, whose car had fallen into the crater filled with “Pitt juice”, but during the rescue, the armor suffers leaks while fully submerged beneath the "juice". Jenny brings the family to the military for safety and wants to search for more survivors, but the officer in charge, Colonel MacIntyre Browning, orders against it. Angered, Jenny goes AWOL in the armor in defiance of Browning.


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