Marvel Mystery Comics # 5

2nd Human Torch appearance. Classic Schomburg cover and 1st on Torch. Scarce.

  • Grade: CGC 2.5
  • Page Quality: Brittle
  • Serial #: 3967674001

Story 2: "The Orton Medical Mission"

A medical emergency and crisis in the city of Orton during a blizzard forces the Torch to make a trip to that town with a plane full of medical supplies. Unfortunately, the plane crash lands and the supplies are stolen by a couple of escaped convicts.

Story 3: "Adventure of the Overturned Cars"

The Angel rescues a girl and prevents a gang of bank robbers from successfully making a getaway with their loot.

Story 4: "On the Side of the Surface Men"

Namor, after successfully ending the mine and sub menace in the Atlantic, briefly visits home, then heads back to America to help out with ending non-war related crime. But on his arrival, he is immediately taken prisoner until Betty Dean convinces the authorities to release him to deal with criminals that have flooded the city's subway system.

Story 5: "Mystery of the Poisoned Arrows"

The Raider must deduce the reason behind a series of murders by poisoned arrow that occur close to election day.

Story 7: "The Tyrant of Torpis"

Professor Zog informs Operatives #1 and #4 that he is going to dispatch them and Electro to the Republic of Molivia, which has been invaded by the armies of Kalph Belgri, who seeks to control that nation.

Story 8: "King of the Counterfeiters"

The death of an underground stoolie and a piece of blank paper lead Ferret to a major counterfeiting ring.

Story 9: "Fifth Episode Return of the Oman]"

When De Kraft learns that David Rand [aka Ka-Zar] still lives, he tracks down the "Jungle God" and takes him captive, arranging a rather protracted and cruel death for him.


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