Marvel Mystery Comics # 9

Sub-Mariner vs. Human Torch. Classic Schomburg cover. Scarce.

  • Grade: CGC 4.0
  • Page Quality: Cream / Off-White
  • Serial #: 4019482001


Story 2: "The Human Torch versus the Sub-Mariner: The Battle of the Comic Century!"

Embittered when the police commissioner calls him afraid for not bringing in the Sub-Mariner as he promised, the Torch, with Betty, tracks down Namor and a battle royal begins that ends with the Fiery Fury being captured by Namor in an airless glass tube.

Story 3: "The Mad Doctor of Carlburg"

The Angel becomes involved in a situation in which townspeople believe that a vampire is at work, when all along it is a mad scientist who desires to transplant the brain of a young woman into a gorilla.

Story 4: "The Stagecoach Bandits"

The Raider involves himself in a case wherein gold shipments from a mining camp have been waylaid and then end up being turned into the local assay office for cash payment.

Story 6: "On the Planet Ligra"

Electro and the professor are taken to the planet Ligra, where they are forced to engage in battle against Queen Nara.

Story 7: "The Trouble at Stacey Cleaners"

Ferret must act quickly against a gang of crooks who are waging a vicious campaign against Stacey Cleaners.

Story 8: "The Rescue of Rita Grey"

Ka-Zar helps a young girl make her way back to her father, having to evade attacks by a tribe of wild Wabis on the way.

Story 10: "The Underworld"

This fact featurette features creatures that provide as much drama and adventures as do crooks in the real world, creatures such as the shrimp, long-legged crabs and the octopus.


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