Marvel Team-Up #105

  • VG4.0


Story 1: "A Small Circle of Hate!"

Iron Fist and Power Man Luke Cage are aboard a plane that collides in mid-air with the incredible Hulk. The plane crashes and Luke is captured by a hillbilly family of hillbillies that thinks he is the Hulk and forces him to dig out a well. Luke receives help from Patty, the young daughter of the family, and after a minor confrontation involving the Hulk, Power Man and Iron Fist bring her along to New York City.

Story 2: ""Wolves in Designer's Clothing""

Iron Fist and Power Man take Patty to a fashion show that turns sour after the models have been replaced by robbers! Together with their friends Colleen Wing and Misty Knight, Iron Fist and Power Man overcome the robbers with a little help from young Patty.


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