Master Comics # 24

  • Grade: CGC 4.0
  • Page Quality: Off-White
  • Serial #: 1488420004


Story 2: "Death by Radio"

A former business associate, of the firm Pitwell, Douglas, Umbersquire and Filpot, ousted from the company because he stole a few dollars from the company, swears revenge on his former business partners.

Story 3: "Slick Jordan, Cutthroat Counterfeiter"

Story 4: "The Ghost of Sir Francis Drake"

Story 5: "A Wager with Fate"

Story 6: "The Hooded Hoodlum"

The Hooded Hoodlum strikes again, killing old gold prospectors for their gold. Buck and Mike set out to stalk down the masked murderer.

Story 8: "The Lure of the Voodoo"


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