Planet Comics # 54


  • Grade: CGC 8.5
  • Page Quality: Off-White
  • Serial #: 2064762006

Three humans are captured by sky-pirates. Soon the sky-pirates and the humans are forced to work together against the Voltamen.

Futura helps the Venusians against the evil tyrant Thi.

Auro is captured by Azroth who plans to turn him into a slave.

Criminals capture Flint Baker and Herc and shrink them down to microscopic size.

Star Pirate and Blacky help Valda prove who killed her father.

Story 11: "Robots from Inferno"

Not able to attend a demonstration of a telenite plant, Mysta sends a robot to record all the proceedings, not knowing that Dant Argo is planning to eliminate one vital process from the telenite plant under false pretenses.


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