Strange Tales #161


Story 1: "The Second Doom"

Reed Richards & Ben Grimm save Cap from falling to his death while Fury saves himself by catching onto the Statue's crown. Reed and Ben provide assistance to the pair and stop the invaders plans, cutting off all power on the East Coast, creating the New York City Blackout in the process. Back in the present Jimmy Woo tells Fury he believes the man behind the scheme was The Yellow Claw. In a underground base The Yellow Claw, his niece Suwan & his ally Von Voltzmann eavesdrop on the conversation, as The Claw speaks of his "infallible" scheme - "The Second Doom".

Story 3: "And a Scourge Shall Come Upon You!"

Mordo exiles Strange to "The World Of the Million Perils", then sets about restoring some of the magic to his new coven. Lost in a distant galaxy Strange suffers temporary memory loss and faces a nameless beast within a hollow sphere. On Earth, Victoria Bentley, freed of the evil finds herself being hurled between worlds, wondering if it's Mordo's doing. Strange hears a cry for help, and discovers Victoria being menaced by a gigantic ant! The two face Nebulos, a bizarre alien creature who claims they are part of his plan.


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