Superman #400


Story 2: "The Living Legends of Superman Part 1]"

How do normal people view Superman?

Story 5: "Part 2"

In the far future, Doc Homer tells a story of being rescued when he was a young astronaut by a very old Superman.

Story 8: "Part 3"

In the future, Dr. Noah Mandell finds a copy of the Earth-Prime Superman TV show and discovers what Superman's secret identity was.

Story 11: "Part 4"

In the year 2491, Konrad Glumm finds Superman's old costume and sparks the Christmas Rebellion of 2491 that leads to the return of democracy to Earth.

Story 13: "Part 5"

Two college professors in the far future debate if Superman even existed.

Story 15: "Part 6"

In the far future, Aron and Josif play an advanced virtual reality video game that allows them to be Superman and Jimmy Olsen.

Story 18: "Part 7"

In the 60th century, Superman has become almost a relegion. After an accident in the present, Superman is thrown into the future to witness what his legacy will be.

Story 20: "The Exile at the Edge of Eternity"

The history of the Human race, and the children of Superman, as they spread out among the stars.


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